A 3-Step Cleaning Schedule That Will Help Save You Time

Life has always been busy. But, now-a-days, when we have plenty of advancements in technology to help us save time, many of have less time than ever. Let’s face it, keeping a clean house is on the top of most of our priority lists, but it can be hard to manage with a crazy busy schedule. So, here at The Cleaning Crew, LLC, we want to help you.

We’ve come up with a few easy scheduling tips to keep your house in order by helping you organize necessary duties. The first thing we recommend is separating your tasks into three lists: everyday, weekly, and monthly. These free printables even go as far as organizing by room. After you’ve made your list, prioritize the items accordingly. Below, you’ll see our recommended schedule and links to other helpful resources that you can use to handcraft a housekeeping schedule that fits your needs.


If you do a little bit of work every day, it will take less time than if you let it pile up throughout the week. Our recommendation is to start the morning by making the bed, unloading the dishwasher and putting a load in the washing machine. Toward the end of the day, reload and run the dishwasher. Then, dry and fold the load you started that morning. If your dishwasher’s not running as it ought to do, this may suggest a fault is preventing it from doing so. In which case, depending on your home warranty plan, you may be covered for having it serviced, repaired, or even replaced. You can compare available plans here – https://homewarranty.firstam.com/compare-home-warranty-plans.

We also suggest sorting through mail every day instead of piling it up for later. Shred things that need to be shredded. Throw away the trash. Clip the coupons. It only takes a few minutes and will save you quite a bit of time (and a big messy pile) in the long run.

Other quick daily tasks include:

  • taking out the trash
  • sweeping or vacuuming rooms as needed
  • spraying the shower down with a daily cleaner or vinegar/water mixture
  • wiping all counters and toilet seats with wet cloth


There are several cleaning tasks that can wait a few days without becoming overwhelming. Assign a day of the week to take care of all of these tasks at once, or create a weekly schedule to complete one task each day. However you do it, staying on top of these chores will keep your house fresh and clean without too much stress.

A few things you might want to add to your weekly cleaning list are:

  • Washing and changing the sheets
  • Vacuuming furniture and/or window treatments
  • Cleaning out refrigerator
  • Dusting
  • Washing rugs
  • Mopping
  • Scrubbing bathtubs and toilets
  • Disinfecting countertops


Monthly tasks are not urgent, but they are important to the overall maintenance and organization of your home. Neglecting to do certain things could cost you in the long run. For example, scheduling something as simple as routine dryer vent cleaning can ensure that your dryer remains in working condition which is essential as a broken or defective dryer could affect the health of your family and even become a danger to your home. There are several homeowner maintenance schedules out there. We like this one from My Home Ideas. It organizes tasks into monthly and seasonal tasks.

Some important monthly tasks include:

  • Organizing garage and other storage areas
  • Getting rid of unused or broken items
  • Changing air filters
  • Cleaning garbage disposal/washer/dryer

Once you get into the habit of doing these things, none of them take much time. This nifty schedule even estimates how much time each task takes. Incorporating a 10-minute pick-up at the end of every day can be very helpful. It’s impressive how much can be accomplished in 10 minutes!

>>>These schedules will help your housecleaning be more organized and efficient. But, you know what’s even easier? Calling us at 541-601-6236 for a free, no hassle cleaning quote. We will do all the cleaning for you which can help to give you more control of your crazy busy schedule in 2017!<<<


Make Your Bathroom a Clutter-Free Zone

Have a really tiny bathroom space? Or, a tiny budget? Our friend Kathryn at Do It On a Dime, has these suggestions:

Expand Storage Capacity of under-sink CabinetsBathroom-Pull-out-Shelves

Take advantage of all the room under your sink (and save yourself some stooping and reaching) with sliding drawers. Check out Living Locurto‘s super-smart ways to organize under the sink.

hanging basketConsider the Ceiling

If your quarters are tight and space is already limited, look up. Take advantage of vertical real estate by hanging a multilevel fruit basket for additional storage. When placed in the shower, the open rungs of the three-tier hanging basket allow loofahs and bath toys to dry over the tub. Or suspend the basket in an unused corner and stock it with lotions, treatments, and scented sachets. An idea that might keep your bathroom better stocked is to make sure you have the best home energy quote to save money. I hear Money Expert provide a fantastic range of quotes that should save you money.

Don’t Hide the T.P.tp

Two conundrums you’ve probably experienced: 1. You’re in your bathroom and you realize you are out of toilet paper. 2. You’re in someone else’s bathroom and you realize they are out of toilet paper. (Do you uncomfortably search your host’s cupboards or sheepishly go ask for help? Skip scenario one at least and always keep ample rolls in a nearby urn, bin, or basket.

There’s no end to Bathroom Organizing Ideas! These are meant to give us a kick start.

Do you have more bathroom organization ideas to add? Leave a comment below!



Along with a little scrubbing power from a sponge, we love this simple and effective Tub Scrub. It leaves tubs and sinks sparkling clean and does a great job removing soap scum.

  1. 1 cup baking soda
  2. 4 tablespoons water
  3. 2 tablespoons liquid castile soap (We like Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap)
  4. Add baking soda to a glass container with a lid.
  5. Add castile soap and water, stirring until it’s toothpaste consistency.
  6. Using a wet sponge, work this cleanser into tubs surfaces, letting it sit for a few minutes
  7. Rinse with hot water.

If you don’t use all the cleaner in one use, you can save it in a covered container. If it dries out, just add water until it forms a paste again. You might even free up enough space to add some extra furniture to your bathroom. I hear that a friend decided to Buy Oak Bathroom Furniture Here and was not disappointed.

Have Bathroom Organization Tips of Your Own to Share?

Add a tip or two in the Comments section below!

Your Garage: Clutter Collector or Storage Sweet Spot

#1 Organizatin Garage
The weather is getting warmer (at the very least it’s thinking about it here in Southern Oregon) and summer plans are in the works. For many families, gardening, home improvement projects, family bike rides, and plans for vacation, camping and other summer activities are taking shape.
With summer calling, who doesn’t want to make sure their garage isn’t cramping their style? In this week’s blog, The Cleaning Crew will help you declutter and organize your garage for bikes, lawn equipment, sport gear, boxes laying around since Christmas, and anything else that may be cluttering your garage or prefab garage.

Follow these simple steps to help you purge and rearrange your garage, turning a frustrating space into a functional space so you can lay out garage floor mats and make your garage feel welcoming!

Empty The Entire Garage

It may sound painful, but trust us, it’s the only way to go! Check the weather first, but clear that garage out! It’ll be much simpler to assess your storage needs if you can get a good look at what you’re working with.

Organize your belongings into designated areas in your driveway or lawn: 1.things to keep, 2. things to donate or sell and 3. things to throw out or recycle. With everything cleared out of your workspace, you’ll now be able to scrub down all the flat surfaces and install/rearrange shelving, hooks and other organizational materials without your stuff in the way.

Clean The Garage Floors

Remove the dirt and grime in your now-empty garage. You need to do this with portable garages too. Use a shop-vac or an indoor/outdoor vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose dust, dirt and cobwebs. Next, depending on your desired level of clean, pressure wash your floors for a deep clean, or hose down your garage floor, or you may also choose to sweep then mop by hand.


If you’ve been considering painting your garage floor so it looks like this, now’s a great time to tackle that project.

Tackle Your Garage Organization

If you don’t already have shelving, hooks, racks and other organizational aids in place, now is the time to do it. Think about where you want things to be stored in the long run. This means considering how often you use certain items, who uses them, and during which seasons.

7 Tips to Clean & Organize Your GarageBall+Storage1

1. Store sports balls using bungee cords. This genius storage solution allows you to easily access your ball collection, and it’s a cinch to put together.

2. Separate your garage into zones. Keep sports equipment, gardening accessories, power tools and kids’ toys each in their own area of the garage to keep things organized.


3. Install slatwall panels. This allows you to easily hang and rearrange hooks and baskets.

4. Get things off the ground. Use a storage system or build shelves to clear floor space. Becareful with how you configure this though, we have had reports of people damaging their garage door because of the way they have organized their garage. Requiring the services similar to Garage Doors Denver to get their garage door back in working order.

tools5. Keep your garden and yard work tools organized. Use wall hooks and bins, Build a tool rack. These DIY hooks are cheap and simple to build on your own. All you need are nails and a board to keep your garden tools beautifully orbolts and nutsorganized.

6. Screw organization. Literally – keep your screws organized with this clever storage idea that uses dead space underneath a cabinet or shelf.

7. Bike rack. Bikes can be a storage nightmare, especially when they go in and out of the garage every day. Here are 5 simple solutions.

1 wire shelvingHelpful Storage Products We Use & Recommend

Wire shelving is the perfect place to start when it comes to garage organization. It’s clean and modern looking, can sit on the floor, be mounted to the wall, or sit on casters for mobility. They can be customized to virtually any shelf configuration for your specific needs. If you’ve got stuff to store, this shelving will keep it neat and tidy. These are available at most big box stores.

  • Wall-Mount Rack With Bins For garages 622623_tswith lots of small items like nuts and bolts, a great solution are these amazing wall-mounted storage bins.! You can label each bin and they are even easy to install! Woot!
  • 41nThI69rBL._SX300_ Plastic Storage Box Plastic storage bins like these can be used for just about anything: boating gear, fishing gear, car wash supplies, bike helmets, or tools. We like bins with the attached interlocking lid rather than a separate lid as they don’t ever get lost! They’re stackable the contents are viewable!
  • Tool Caddy Paint brushes, spray paint, electrical cords, cadygardening tools, cleaning supplies… this Tote Caddy holds it all! It’s rugged, sturdy and the easy handle makes it portable, so you can move quickly and efficiently from project-to-project.
  • 9caebd205615615fb81060686af690d0Utility Cart This is a mobile workstation that can hold a lot of weight, It has multiple bin configurations for even more organization, and has a space to place your morning cup of coffee! Boom. We’re sold! This 1-drawer utility cart is a garage necessity!

Detailed garage organization depends mostly on what items are in it, but these general principles should definitely get you started.

What garage organization ideas have worked for you? Leave your suggestions and comments below!.

~ The Cleaning Crew

P.S. If you need help organizing your garage, we have organization specialists on staff who can whip your garage into shape in no time, turning that clutter collector into a storage sweet spot. Call the office for more information!

Preparing Home for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Your home is the easiest place for you to feel cared for.
Take 30 minutes to freshen up, brighten your home, and clear your clutter:

#1 – Freshen up with flowers and fabrics:

  • Fluff your pillows
  • Fold your throw blankets
  • Place fresh flowers around the house

#2 – Brighten your home and your day with more light:

* Open blinds, window shutters, and curtains to let in as much light as possible – clean your windows! If you’re looking to furnish your windows with shutters and blinds, perhaps you could get some inspiration from the Shuttercraft website (see here) for what you can do in your home.
* Set mood lighting around the house – strategically placed lamps create the perfect ambiance to feel spoiled!
* Clean your crystal and glass – use a soft, water-dampened cloth and enjoy the sparkle and shine.

#3 – Clear Surfaces and Organize – open spaces allows for rest and relaxation:

* Tidy your newspapers, magazines, and mail – and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with clear spaces
* Create piles of keep, maybe, and toss. Let go of out-dated decorations and décor, making room for the new!
* Control kitchen clutter with our ten tips to create an enjoyable kitchen

Enjoy more ideas on Pinterest about Preparing Your Home for Valentine’s Day:

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10 Kitchen Organization Tips and 7 Kitchen Organization Products (Everything Has A Place!!)

When Everything Has a Place, It’s Easier to Put Everything in its Place.

Everything has a place. This is the number one organization tip. If you just abide by this rule, everything else will come easy when it comes to your disorganized home. So this means that every item in your home has a place, or home base that it belongs in. In this instance, for items that you rarely use such as christmas decorations, spare chairs and camping equipment, you may want to invest in outdoor storage buildings so that the valuable storage in the home can be used for every day items. The hair dryer is in the drawer in the bathroom. Books belong on the bookshelf. The trick is putting them back, and putting them back right after you have used them. One such clutter forming place is the kitchen.

“The kitchen is the one room of the home that all family members use every day – yet so often it is one of the most inefficient rooms in the house. Who wants to cook when you can’t find what you need? Life in the kitchen is much easier when you can find what you’re looking for and you know what food is in the cupboard or the pantry!”

– Karen, Owner of The Cleaning Crew, LLC

Here are 10 tips that may help you create an enjoyable kitchen:

  1. Neatly stored items take up less space
  2. Organize your kitchen so that the every day dishes, silverware and glasses are close to the sink and/or dishwasher
  3. Coffee mugs…how many do you really need??? Think about those you use most often and how much space the rest consume
  4. Square and rectangular containers take up less space than round
  5. Go through cupboards and pantries once per year and toss what has not been used in a year
  6. Don’t purchase products in bulk unless you have a place to store them
  7. Small appliances you use often should be accessible – relocate appliances to hard to reach places that you do not use often
  8. Put canned goods with canned goods and boxes with boxes, etc. Break each down by category, such as fruits, vegetables, soups, beans, pasta, snack foods, etc…
  9. Install slide-out drawers in cupboards to easily access pots, pans, plastic containers, etc…
  10. Can’t install slide out drawers? Use clear glass or plastic boxes that can hold similar items, such as pasta, rice, snacks, baking goods – this way you can pull them all of the shelf at one time

With just a few hours of time and some products to help you organize – you’ll be well on your way to a kitchen that you can enjoy spending time in. It’s amazing the number of kitchen organizing products to help you control kitchen clutter – too many to mention all of them here. You could even look into roll cage hire UK for food storage options, that are easily manageable and creates a lot of vertical storage space.

7 Favorite Kitchen Organization Products

  1. Turntables – Found in a variety of sizes, materials and colors, turntables are one of the best ways to organize bottles, jars, cans, spices – or anything that you do not want to get shoved to the back of the cupboard.
  2. Tea Bag Storage –Try a basket or container for your favorites teas and impress your guests
  3. 3-tier Expanding Shelf – Never sure if you have tomato soup on hand when you want a grilled cheese sandwich? Use an expanding, tiered shelf to solve the mystery. It’s like having a set of bleachers for your canned goods and spices.
  4. Drawer Double – Maximize the space in your drawers with a drawer double. It’s adjustable to fit the width of your drawer and has individual compartments. It’s perfect for use in a kitchen junk drawer – who said your junk drawer needed to look junky? It also works well in the drawer that contains all of your kitchen utensils.
  5. Grocery Bag Holder – Not only useful in the kitchen, but also a must for the laundry room if you use grocery bags to clean out the litter box! They also are useful in the bathroom under the sink. Mount on insides of doors, pantries or on the wall – or purchase the one that sits on a flat surface.
  6. Packet Storage – Excellent for quickly being able to put your hands on sauce, soup or drink mixes! They come in a variety of sizes and can either sit on a shelf, or some can be affixed to the door of a cupboard or wall in the pantry.
  7. Lid Holder – Do the plastic lids from your storage containers drive you nuts because you’re never sure what to do with them? Install a door mounted plastic cover holder and never wonder again where the lid is to your container. If this product won’t solve your problem, simply use one of the larger plastic containers to store the lids in.

Last but not least, be sure to take an honest look at what you are currently storing in your kitchen. Ask yourself; “when was the last time I used this?” “Will I ever use it again?” If the answer is “I can’t remember” or “No” then it may be time to let it go and make room for what you use everyday.

And let us know if we can help!

9 Tips for Organizing Your Closet!

We’ve all seen those “dream closets” and wished they were ours.Having custom closets would be amazing and would really make a well organised space. However, it’s easier than you think to make your glamorous closet dreams a reality. Here are a few organizing tips.

  1. Clean it out – The key to a clean organized closet is as simple as keeping out clutter. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, get rid of it. Chances are, you won’t want to wear it anytime soon.
  2. Consolidate shoes – Use baskets and adorable boxes, placing the ones you wear the most at eye-level and placing all your prettiest boxes on display.
  3. Install plenty of hooks – Purses can take up a lot of shelf space. hooks are a great way to hang bags and backpacks. Put them on the wall behind an open door for added storage space. You can purchase hooks and knobs in a variety of colors and styles, so have fun with it.
  4. Use scarf and belt hangers – They now make hangers that are built to store scarves and belts. They save shelf room and hang nicely next to pants. The scarf hangers especially add an extra pop of color to your closet.
  5. Use uniform hangers – If you have a hodgepodge of hangers, it can make your closet look unnecessarily sloppy. Purchase hangers that grip clothes and take up minimal room. Having your clothes all hanging on the same level, the same distance apart will give the appearance of organization.
  6. Organize by sleeve length or color – However you choose to sort your clothes, do so. If you always keep the same three sweaters in the back of your closet, you’ll forget all about them. Put them with the rest of your tanks so when it’s cool outside, you have plenty of options to choose from.
  7. Purchase cute storage – Try woven baskets with cotton lining to store items like clutches, gloves, hats and coin purses. They’re a great way to separate items without cluttering up your closet. Linen bins are a great option to store underwear and camisoles. A beautiful jewelry box can also be a fantastic investment piece.
  8. Paint it a bright color – Painting your closet in a bright hue can go a long way. Your closet will seem large and cheery and you’ll be excited about keeping it organized and cute. Keeping a mirror and/or chair in your closet can make it your own personal hideout.
  9. Utilize cork board – Lining a wall or back of a shelf with corkboard is a cute and functional way to utilize and organize space. You can also use pushpins as places to hang necklaces or bracelets and earrings can be pushed into the cork as well.
Check our more ideas on our Pinterest board and get started today!

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