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How Clean is My House?

In order to formulate an accurate quote for a First Time, One TimeMove In, or Move Out Clean, we need to know the service time needed to perform the task. We use the following 6 designations to help us estimate our time. This means a more accurate quote for you.

And, don’t worry. We’re not here to judge. Everyone seems to need more time for the important things in life. This is how we can help.

Well-Maintained / Spotless

Cleaned every few days with minimal use. Low traffic with few people. No pets or kids and nothing that needs deep cleaning or scrubbing.


Home is cleaned at least twice per month with baseboards, cabinets, and floors needing light or spot cleaning. Pets and kids are tidy.


Surfaces are cleaned every couple of weeks and some are deep cleaned every 1-2 months. Bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned monthly with some soap scum and light grime starting. Pet hair, fingerprints, dirt and dust are starting but are mild in condition.

Between So-So and Dirty

Some areas are in so-so condition, but others are more in line with the “dirty” description below. Could fall under both categories equally.


Home hasn’t been cleaned in up to a year. There is significant soap scum with substantial dirt, dust, hair, grime on floors, baseboards, walls and other surfaces.

Very Dirty

Home hasn’t been cleaned in over a year or ever. Walls need complete washing and bathrooms have thick scum and debris on surfaces. There is significant pet hair and carpet may not be salvageable. Home may need a deep clean plus another once over.