Preparing Home for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Your home is the easiest place for you to feel cared for.
Take 30 minutes to freshen up, brighten your home, and clear your clutter:

#1 – Freshen up with flowers and fabrics:

  • Fluff your pillows
  • Fold your throw blankets
  • Place fresh flowers around the house

#2 – Brighten your home and your day with more light:


* Open blinds, shutters, and curtains to let in as much light as possible – clean your windows! If you’re looking to furnish your windows with shutters and blinds, perhaps you could get some inspiration from the Shuttercraft website (see here) for what you can do in your home.
* Set mood lighting around the house – strategically placed lamps create the perfect ambiance to feel spoiled!
* Clean your crystal and glass – use a soft, water-dampened cloth and enjoy the sparkle and shine.

#3 – Clear Surfaces and Organize – open spaces allows for rest and relaxation:

* Tidy your newspapers, magazines, and mail – and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with clear spaces
* Create piles of keep, maybe, and toss. Let go of out-dated decorations and décor, making room for the new!
* Control kitchen clutter with our ten tips to create an enjoyable kitchen


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