Transform Your Yard

As the weather warms up, we all want to spend more time outside. But, after a long winter, when you step outside you probably see a lot to add to your honey-do list. Getting your yard ready for barbecue season doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few key things you need to keep in mind.


First and foremost, it’s time to make a plan for your landscaping. If you haven’t done much all winter, you’ll probably need to trim some trees and bushes, weed the flower beds, and do a low cut to start the season. This is also a great time to add mulch to flower beds and plant some bright spring flowers.

Maintaining a yard and lawn equipment can be expensive. Did you know that if you find the right landscaper, it can be just as cost efficient to hire out the job instead of doing it yourself? Plus, it saves you a day every weekend during the growing season. It might be worth having a look to see if you can find a company, similar to, in your local area. That way, you can ensure your garden landscaping will look impressive!

Porch or Deck

The beginning of spring is a great time to power-wash your deck or porch. If you don’t have the equipment, you will Need Knoxville Pressure Washing that are trained professionals who can come help you out with this chore.

Power-washing is similar to sanding, so it can help prepare your wooden deck for a fresh coat of paint. It’s important to paint your deck as soon as you see signs of wear and tear. It helps to protect it from the elements and keep the wood from rotting. It might also be a good idea for you to use some deck sealer to further reduce the likelihood of the wood rotting or weathering. Check out this useful post if you want to learn more about this though. If you want to keep your deck in tip-top condition, we recommend you try some of these tips!

You can make a big spring impact by changing out a few decorative items. For example, spruce up your lawn furniture with new cushions, change the wreath on your door, or hang some yard decor. Bright colors that can be seen from the road add to the curb appeal and make your home look welcoming to those passing by.

DIY Car Detailing

Enjoy the nice summer weather, and be productive at the same time. You don?t have to be cooped up inside to get cleaning accomplished. Here are some easy tips and tricks for DIY car detailing that you can put to use while spending time in the great outdoors. Alternatively, you could seek out some Car Detailing Services that will prevent you from having to spend so long getting your car clean all by yourself.

Inside the Vehicle

There are a few key components to detailing the inside of a vehicle. First, you want to clean the upholstery. Second, you want to get into all the nooks and crannies (a cotton swab is good for reaching into all the tiny crevices). Lastly, you want to make sure to condition and protect the dashboard and other interior areas from fading. This Popular Mechanics article gives and in depth look at detailing the inside of a vehicle.

Washing the Vehicle

Unlike cleaning a home where you clean from the top down, on a vehicle, you want to start with the wheels. After you have completed the wheels, you can head to the roof and windows. Then, the hood, trunk, doors, and down. Professionals prefer to use a mitt when washing a vehicle and have several processes to avoid scratching the paint. You can read about these tips in this Practical Hacks article that outlines the entire detailing process. Please remember that you don’t need to use loads of water when you are washing your car. Do not leave hoses running unnecessarily and don’t throw endless buckets of water over your car – it just wastes valuable water. If you feel you waste lots of water when you wash your car, it might be better to leave it to the experts. This car detailing company in Toronto, for example, use steam cleaning power to minimise water usage.

Clean without Chemicals

Here at The Cleaning Crew, LLC, we prefer to be as chemical-free as possible. That’s why we love DIY cleaning recipes that help maintain our ‘green’ clean. Robin at Fluster Buster blog complied a list of awesome alternative cleaning solutions that you can use to clean your vehicle. This list includes: Homemade Car Soap, Spot Free Rinse, No Streak Glass Cleaner, and Upholstery Cleaner

You can find the complete list here.

Stop the Scratching

Avoiding scratching the exterior paint of the vehicle is one of the major parts of hand washing a car. Technically, it?s called micro-marring. That’s the small scratches that can be seen when light hits the finish of a vehicle. They come from small bits of grit or dirt that get rubbed against the finish as it is being washed. If you’re worried about scratching your car whilst washing it, you could look into getting a Ceramic coating for cars which helps prevent your car getting scratches.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don?t just use any old towel or rag to wash.

Do Use microfiber cloths.

Don’t use the same rag or towel for the entire process.

Do label them for each part of the car to reduce scratching.

Don’t use automated car washes with strips that touch your car.

Do use spray car washes if you must go through one.

Don’t dunk your cleaning mitt into dirty water.

Do use a double rinse or grate in the bottom of your bucket to get the dirt and grime off the mitt.

You could even opt for using an air blower for car drying which could save you time cleaning your car, this is a great tool when wanting to cheat the drying process!

With the help of these tips, detailing your car should be a breeze. Now, get out there to enjoy the fresh air and a freshly cleaned vehicle.

Do you have any car detailing tips? Let us know in the comments!

Quick and Easy Porch/ Patio Cleaning Tips

Time to head outside! Before you start using your deck or patio for outdoor fun this upcoming season, you’ll need to get rid of the dirt that built up with something that’s specifically designed for cleaning your composite deck through the winter months. To get you started here are some quick outdoor spring cleaning tips!

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After a Southern Oregon winter, your porch and patio could use a quick clearing of debris, by attaching a sprayer to your garden hose. Be sure to rinse the buildup of foliage in the hard to reach corners when cleaning. For a deeper clean, have the porch, eaves, walkways, and side of the house power washed. Do you like the idea of doing this yourself but don’t know where to look? These electric pressure washer reviews, ( may be the perfect place to look if you want to get your patio in the best condition.

Porch wipe down!
When cleaning your porch be sure to look under the eaves and porch lights. You may be surprised at what you find! Spiders and other insects will create homes in various areas outside your home making it necessary to clean all corners. To clear them out all you need is a Cobweb Poly-Fiber Duster with a telescopic pole. Walk around the outside of your home and capture any webs you find in the eves and awnings.
Light fixtures, porch screen, inside and outside glass
Outdoor glass looks attractive, but a few smears of dirt can spoil it completely. The following tips will help keep your outdoor glass clean.
  1. Door frame – With a damp cloth wipe clean around the door frame and handle.
  2. Window tracks – Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the grit and dirt that collects in the window tracks and wipe with a damp cloth.
  3. Screens – If you have a screened in porch, vacuum the screens to remove dirt and allergens. Fill a bucket with soapy water and wipe down the screens using a rag.
  4. Glass – Spray glass cleaner on both sides, then using a microfiber cloth or rag, polish to a streak free shine!
  5. All outdoor light fixtures can be cleaned using a soapy rag.
Make doormats welcoming – Shake them, wash them, swat them with a broom, giving them the toughest cleaning they can take.
Cleaning patio furniture
Clean and refresh your metal and plastic furniture, by checking out these quick cleaning tips from the experts at the DIY network.
Patio umbrellas, awnings, and other outdoor furniture
Fabric covered accessories are generally pre-treated with chemicals that help them stand up to the elements. While this will be the case for a lot of outdoor garden furniture, there are still precautions that must be taken to ensure that none of your furniture gets ruined. However, they still are in need of a good scrub-down before making their debut at your first spring cookout. Follow these steps to wash away the residue of a long winter in storage:
  1. Umbrellas – Use a gentle cleanser like Biokleen to avoid wearing away the exterior coating. Mix Biokleen with warm water and use a scrub brush to remove dirt and mildew. For tough stains, repeat the process with a mixture of bleach and warm water, (always do a patch test on an unseen swatch of fabric first to ensure the color won’t be affected).
  2. Awnings – Biokleen and warm water is perfect for awnings. Rinse, extend it and scrub in the mixture. Rinse again and allow the outdoor awnings to air dry. As awnings tend to collect dust and wind blown debris, repeat this process several times throughout the season and always before storing. To prevent mildew, extend awnings and allow them to dry completely after each rain.
  3. Upholstery – For removable pillow cases and cushion covers, wash them in cold water and allow them to air dry. For pieces that require hand washing, use a mild soap and water mixture, rinse, and air dry. To combat stubborn mildew stains, dilute two tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water and scrub in with a soft brush.
Grill cleaning
Before you fire up the grill for the season, try our quick and easy three step cleaning tips!

1. Using a wire brush to clean the grate, brush out the ashes and cooked on foods.
2. Scrape the bottom of the grill to remove the caked on debris.
3. Fill a bucket with warm soapy water and give it a good scrub down.

Now it’s time to relax and unwind in your freshly clean outdoor space!

~ The Cleaning Crew