Deep Cleaning Your Devices

We all know how to dust a table or scrub a toilet. Cleaning technological devices can be a little more tricky. Working around the small crevices, electricity, and screens you can scratch is difficult to do. We never want to cause any damage to our devices and ruin their level of performance at all, so it’s important we clean them in an appropriate manner. Then, to check that our devices are still running smoothly, we can carry out some network device monitoring techniques to ensure that performance levels are still where they should be. We’re here to make this a chore you feel prepared to tackle on your own!

First and foremost, on top of doing an outward cleaning of your devices, it is important to periodically clean out and organize the data on your devices as well. Delete unused files and apps. Organize those that documents that remain. Run anti-virus software and get glitches repaired as necessary. Here is a detailed list of things you can do to Declutter Your Device from Asurion. Once you have taken care of the inner-workings of your device, you can begin the process of giving your device a good outward cleaning.

What You Need

You can spend more money than necessary buying specialty cleaning items, but the cleaning can be done with things you already have in with your cleaning supplies.

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This type of cloth is specifically designed to clean microscopic areas like all the tiny creases and crevices in your electronic devices. In addition, it will not leave fibers behind or carry dirt across the surface which limits scratching.

Cleaning Solution
According to an article in Popular Mechanics, 92 percent of tested cellphones were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, and one in six tested positive for E. coli.” One of the most effective ways to combat E. coli is with a bleach or alcohol solution. Bleach is not the best chemical to use on your electronics, so we suggest using rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant. Although not as powerful, a water and vinegar mixture can also be used to fight traces of bacteria that might be on your device.

Canned Air
This can be purchased at virtually any local store for under $10. Compressed air is used to blow the dirt and particles from the unreachable areas of your devices like in between the keys on the keyboard or around cords or connections.

What You Do

Disclaimer: Try this at your own risk. We have done extensive research on the best ways to clean your devices, but we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may be caused to your device due to this process. Apple provides specific directions on cleaning their products on their website. They do not recommend cleaning with any sort of liquid.

If you decide to try disinfecting your device using a liquid mixture, it is imperative that you do not spray the mixture directly on your device. Simply wet your microfiber cloth in the solution and use small amounts to wipe down desired areas. When you have finished, use the dry part of our microfiber cloth to dry your device.

After you have finished cleaning your device, don’t forget to also clean things that are continually in contact with your device–stylus, cases, pop sockets, etc. It may also be a good idea to frequently replace screen guards and cases to reduce the amount of bacteria on your device.
Once your device is clean you can feel good about it touching your face or letting the kiddos play their games without risk of catching germs.

One-Stop Stain Removal Solution

In a previous blog post, we talked about stain removal.

One of the resources we shared was so helpful, we decided to spotlight it in a post of its own! This website was developed by Former University of Illinois Extension Educator, Susan Taylor. “The University of Illinois Extension is the flagship outreach effort of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offering educational programs to residents of all of Illinois’ 102 counties-and far beyond.”

According to their website, they offer “practical education you can trust to help people, businesses, and communities solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future.” Here at The Cleaning Crew, LLC., we think their approach to stain removal is one of the best problem-solving sites on the internet.

Getting Started

When you visit the site, you can begin by clicking the “Getting Started” button at the top. This section offers general stain solutions for carpet, upholstery, and washable fabrics. Within each category, there are instructions for general care, general stain solutions, and a list of products and tools you will need to care for each type of fabric. Among these general tips are regular maintenance, vacuuming, and learning how to prevent and immediately treat messes.

No matter what fabric you are dealing with, a spot removal kit is recommended. This includes a detergent and vinegar solution. Cotton balls, paper towels, and a blunt kitchen knife also seem to be popular items on the must have list.

Stains A-Z

Once you have read up on the basics of stain removal, you can browse the index of thousands of stain solutions available on this site. You can click through an alphabetically organized list with featured photos or you can choose to search through a search bar. Either way, you are in for a stain-removing treat!

From adhesive to zucchini, this list addresses some stains you’ve battled with your entire life and other stains you never even knew were possible. This is where the fun starts. Once you click on a stain, there are immediate warnings at the top. Most frequent are a clock–which indicates the stain needs to be treated as soon as possible-and an exclamation mark which indicates any other generic warning.

Then, you will find the category–washable fabrics, upholstery, or carpet–that the stain removal method addresses and a list of what you will need to clean up the mess. Finally, you will find the clearly organized steps for cleaning the stain. This can either be carried out by yourself, or by carpet cleaning services in your area, but doing it at your earliest convenience is really important.

This stain fighting site is one of the best cleaning resources we have encountered here at The Cleaning Crew, LLC. We hope you find it as useful as we do. If you’d rather leave the stain removal to us, give us a call at 541-601-6236 for a free cleaning estimate.