One-Stop Stain Removal Solution

In a previous blog post, we talked about stain removal.

One of the resources we shared was so helpful, we decided to spotlight it in a post of its own! This website was developed by Former University of Illinois Extension Educator, Susan Taylor. “The University of Illinois Extension is the flagship outreach effort of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offering educational programs to residents of all of Illinois’ 102 counties-and far beyond.”

According to their website, they offer “practical education you can trust to help people, businesses, and communities solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future.” Here at The Cleaning Crew, LLC., we think their approach to stain removal is one of the best problem-solving sites on the internet.

Getting Started

When you visit the site, you can begin by clicking the “Getting Started” button at the top. This section offers general stain solutions for carpet, upholstery, and washable fabrics. Within each category, there are instructions for general care, general stain solutions, and a list of products and tools you will need to care for each type of fabric. Among these general tips are regular maintenance, vacuuming, and learning how to prevent and immediately treat messes.

No matter what fabric you are dealing with, a spot removal kit is recommended. This includes a detergent and vinegar solution. Cotton balls, paper towels, and a blunt kitchen knife also seem to be popular items on the must have list.

Stains A-Z

Once you have read up on the basics of stain removal, you can browse the index of thousands of stain solutions available on this site. You can click through an alphabetically organized list with featured photos or you can choose to search through a search bar. Either way, you are in for a stain-removing treat!

From adhesive to zucchini, this list addresses some stains you’ve battled with your entire life and other stains you never even knew were possible. This is where the fun starts. Once you click on a stain, there are immediate warnings at the top. Most frequent are a clock–which indicates the stain needs to be treated as soon as possible-and an exclamation mark which indicates any other generic warning.

Then, you will find the category–washable fabrics, upholstery, or carpet–that the stain removal method addresses and a list of what you will need to clean up the mess. Finally, you will find the clearly organized steps for cleaning the stain. This can either be carried out by yourself, or by carpet cleaning services in your area, but doing it at your earliest convenience is really important.

This stain fighting site is one of the best cleaning resources we have encountered here at The Cleaning Crew, LLC. We hope you find it as useful as we do. If you’d rather leave the stain removal to us, give us a call at 541-601-6236 for a free cleaning estimate.

Solutions to Stubborn Stains

Lately, we’ve been working to improve our Pinterest page. We’d love to invite you to go over and take a look at our collection of awesome tips and tricks! You can find us by clicking here. During our overhaul, we ran into a crowd favorite pin that inspired this blog post.


One of the most stressful things in the cleaning world is a difficult stain. We’ve all encountered them…don’t let them stress you out any longer! Here are a few MUST KNOW stain removal tips to make your life easier.

Cleaning the Furniture

By far, our most re-pinned post is Deep-Clean Your Natural-Fabric Couch for Better Snuggling from POPSUGAR.

Cheerful blond woman cleaning a sofa with a rag and a cleaning spray isolated on white background
You can checkout the article for more detailed instructions, but here is an overview:

  1. First, the most important step is checking out the tag to see what material it is made from. This will help you to know what you can and can’t use to clean.
  2. Then, pre-clean by scrubbing with a white cloth. Using any type of dyed fabric runs the risk of further staining the fabric.
  3. Allow twenty minutes to an hour for baking soda (or another natural cleaner) to absorb stains.
  4. Finish off with a run of the vacuum to pick up the baking soda.

Need to clean or restore non-fabric furniture?


If you’re looking to effectively shine or even repair wooden furniture without sticky, left-over residue, check out this DIY vinegar and olive oil recipe from Domestic Bliss Squared. You can create your own cleaner to help give your vintage furniture new life today with items you already have in your kitchen cabinet. Check out the amazing transformation documented with before and after pictures in her blog post.

Cleaning Water Stains

If you’ve read our recent blog post, Six Clever Ways to Clean With Vinegar, you know vinegar is a favorite here at The Cleaning Crew. Ceara at DIY Confessions agrees with us. She used a mixture of dish soap, vinegar, and lemon juice to completely transform her kitchen sink. Whenever you find yourself battling water stains, this will prove useful. You can read through the process she used to get these unbelievable results on her blog DIY Confessions. craft creative paper writer expository essay about health buying a research paper how to write a portfolio essay religion essay viagra visual side effects respect your teacher essay cual es la dosis recomendable de cialis bystolic savings program presentation animation research proposal help services source site source go to link source site natural over the counter viagra substitute golden rule essay shakespeare sonnet 116 analysis essay find charles linskaill search viagra essay comparing to kill a mockingbird and romeo and juliet college transfer essays that worked follow site need a dedication essay list informative essay topics pay to write professional persuasive essay on pokemon go picture1


Cleaning ANYTHING Else

And I mean anything…

Spilled coffee and office worker sitting on the desk. Little of grain for the mood.View my similar pictures:

Look no further! The students at University of Illinois have created a site specifically dedicated to stain solutions. No, seriously. They did. And, it’s awesome! From Worcestershire sauce to super glue to hair dye, the site has an index containing over 200 staining elements, the supplies you need to clean them, and the preferred method to clean the stain. You can browse through the alphabetized graphics or search using a toolbar by clicking here.

Many stains are the result of unexpected accidents, and one of the best ways to fight stains is to never let them set. So, knowing how to respond when a stain happens is important. To help with this, they also have a nifty “Getting Started” guide that helps you get organized to be prepared to fight stains as soon as they happen.


While knowing how to respond quickly is key. Keeping things clean over time helps to reduce general build up that can lead to really stubborn, hard-to-remove stains, yellowing, and dinginess. Let us help you to prevent those by regularly cleaning trouble spots in your home.

To keep your house spotless, get a no-obligation quote! Give us a call today at 541-601-6236 or shoot us an email at

DIY Recipes ( June’s Laundry Basket )


—> We’ve rounded up the best DIY Laundry tips and hacks that make laundry actually fun! A little bit of TLC can go a long way when you’re doing the laundry. Enjoy these classic cleaning tips —>

1) DIY Laundry Scent Booster


Via  Simply Shellie

 This “green” and budget friendly laundry scent booster will refresh and brighten your laundry loads. Keep your laundry bright and Fresh —>  Click HERE!

2) DIY Laundry stain Remover


Via She Knows

 Do you have a tough stain on your clothing? This handy guide will tell you how to remove stains from different fabrics. Read on for natural stain removing tips! –> Click HERE!  + Printable

3) DIY All-in-One Laundry Bombs

laundry_bombsVia PopSugar

Enjoy the convenience of laundry bombs, but without all the expense. Bonus? You’ll know exactly what is in them! —> Click HERE!

4) DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets


Via The Mama’s Girls

Ditch that fabric softener and those store bought dryer sheets and try these Reusable DIY Homemade Dryer Sheets and fabric softener –>  Click HERE!

5) DIY Better Smelling Towels


Via Penny Pinchin Mom

Over time, your bath towels will build up detergent and fabric softener residue. This not only attracts SMELLY mildew, it can essentially “waterproof” your towels. If water can’t get into the fabric to clean it, the towel won’t BE or SMELL clean. Here’s an easy fix:

–> Click Here!

6) Homemade Liquid Fabric Softener

This homemade liquid fabric softener can be used in your washing machine just like commercial softeners! Here’s how to make your own liquid fabric softener.

1. Add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil to a one-gallon jug of white vinegar.

2. Close the lid and give it a good shake.

3. When it’s time to do your laundry, shake it once again, and use 1/3 cup per load.

That’s it!

7) DIY Clean Your Washer


Via I Heart Naptime

Here is the easiest way to clean your washer …all it takes is ONE ingredient and a few minutes to leave your washer smelling squeaky clean. –> Click HERE!


What are some of YOUR favorite laundry room tips, tricks, and hacks? Leave a comment below and share the love.

Summer’s in full swing. If you get a case of “summer overwhelm” and need some housecleaning help, give us a call for a simple and quick over the phone quote: 541-601-6236.

Get Your DIY On! Easy Recipes for Home and Health

It’s time for some DIY inspiration!

Try one or all of our easy DIY home recipes. We’ve got you covered from beauty to home. These recipes will save you cash and work wonders too!


Via Hello Glow
—> Here’s how to make an easy homemade shaving cream with coconut oil. It smells delicious and will leave your skin smooth and silky without using preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Get started so you can get your shave on! Click Here!



Via Mommy Potamus
—> This is an easy DIY Homemade Liquid Dish Soap you can make at home with just a few ingredients. This simple eco-friendly recipe will remove food and grease with ease and make it easy to wash your dishes…and save money. Click Here!


antibacterial spray

Via Pop Sugar
—> Clean your home and freshen it at the same time with this DIY antibacterial spray. Keep your entire space germ-free with this awesome spray. What’s more, it’s safe to use around pets and kids. Click Here!


DIY-Homemade-Laundry-Stain-Remover-Cover-1Via Dont Waste The Crumbs
—> Only the BEST Homemade stain remover EVER!

Remove tough stains only using 3 ingredients from your pantry. Don’t waist another moment Click Here!


Via Live Simply
—> While covering up is the best option for decreasing bug bites, it’s not always realistic. This quick, easy, and family-safe homemade bug spray does the trick. Live Simply’s insect repellent is great for mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying seasonal bugs. Tweak to your liking and apply with confidence. Click Here!


Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet.

First, use a squeegee with a long handle and move it back and forth across the carpet. The rubber attached to it will loosen the embedded hair. Then, pick up the clumps of hair that accumulate. Continue this process until all the hair is removed.

Ice cubes can take indentations out of carpet.

Use ice cubes to remove those annoying furniture dents from carpet. Let them melt, and then vacuum or gently lift the fibers with a spoon.

Do you have any genius home hacks we should know about?

Share with us in the comments below. 

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6 Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes (Plus How to Remove Popular Drink Stains)

Find Your Summer Chill

With summer’s heat, we’re constantly on the lookout for hydration that not only satisfies, but inspires! Besides, our bodies need to stay hydrated! Don’t forget to make sure your air conditioning is in working order before the heatwaves hit! For over 30 years Rowland Air has provided heating and air conditioning repair and installation services to Lancaster and Palmdale California. So bust summer heat in the chops by trying theses

6 Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes.

In addition, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about how to remove those inevitable, unfortunate popular drink stains.



1. Summer Iced Tea Drink Recipe
Refreshing Summer drink Iced Tea Recipe

via Cherished Bliss

When the mercury starts to rise, Iced Tea is the way to go! Level up your Iced Tea skills with lemonade ice cubes! Now we’re talkin’ Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes!
For recipe, Click Here!

How To Remove Iced Tea Stains

Since these beverages are acidic, you’ll want to pre-treat them with an acidic remedy, like lemon juice or white vinegar.The good news is that iced tea won’t set into the fabric as quickly as hot tea. Take an ice cube and rub it over the stain. Then pat the area with dry paper napkins. When you get home, treat the stain with a laundry pre-treater or some liquid laundry detergent and wash as usual, adding a little bleach if appropriate for the fabric.

2. Tantalizing Summer Iced Coffee Drink Recipewakethewolves-ice-coffee-recipe-10

via wake the wolves

Have you tried cold brew yet? Instead of the bitterness you get when you chill hot brewed coffee, you get a smooth, dark and rich iced coffee that you’ll be craving all afternoon! If you unfortunately don’t have the time to make your own cold brew coffee, don’t worry. You can always do a quick search into something like Where to buy JoeFroyo, so you can find the nearest shop who sells this cold brew. This way, you are able to enjoy a refreshing drink this summer, even if you didn’t make it yourself. As long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.

This Refreshing Summer Drink Recipe: Here!

Unlike plain iced tea or coffee, iced coffee with milk contains a protein, which requires special handling. For the first line of defense, sponge the stain with a dry-cleaning solvent and then air dry. In the second stage of treatment, apply liquid detergent to the stain and rub it into the cloth. Then launder with the warmest water safe for the fabric.

3. Tart Summer Rhubarb Soda Drink Recipe

via PopSugar

Want to try an absolute taste bomb? Try Pink Rhubarb Soda.Pucker up for this sweet-yet-tart beverage, and revel in the unique flavor of this stalk fruit as it mingles with seltzer. For this Refreshing Summer Drink Recipe: Click Here! Oh.My.Wow!

Sponge soft-drink stains with cool water or soak the garment in cool water for about 30 minutes (make note of where clear soda stains were, in case they are hard to find after soaking). Next, wring out excess water and rub a pre-wash stain remover into the stain. Launder the garment according to its care label and if it’s safe for the fabric, add chlorine bleach to the wash — otherwise use a color-safe bleach product.

4. Super Yum Summer Sangria Drink Recipe


via Smitten Kitchen

What’s one of the best ways to celebrate summer? If you ask us, it’s with a glass of Pata Negra’s Sangria in hand. This is a classic Refreshing Summer Drink Recipe made with dry red wine, an orange liqueur, and garnished with apples and oranges. Holy Sangria, Batman: Click Here!

How to Remove Sangria Stains

Sponge the stain with cool water or soak it in cool water for about 30 minutes. Pre-treat the spot with a pre-wash stain remover. Launder the piece and if it’s safe for the fabric, add chlorine bleach to the wash. If your household is prone to red wine spills, there’s even a product formulated to tackle vino marks, Gonzo Wine Out.

5. Basil Julep Summer Beer RecipeRefreshing summer Honey Basil Beer Julep recipe

Sure, there’s a time and place for sipping on your favorite Summer Ale here in the Beer capital of the nation (that would be Oregon, aka, Beervana). But sometimes you might just want a little more creative control. We’ve got your Honey Basil Beer Julep Recipe Right Here!
If in the excitement of a grand slam, you wind up with beer on your shirt, just grab an ice cube from the cooler and wrap it in a napkin. Then press the “ice pack” onto the stain to sponge it with cool water. Once you get home, apply a laundry stain remover to the stain and, if safe for the fabric, wash with chlorine bleach.

6. Berry Punch Summer RecipeRefreshing summer beverage Fruity Party Punch recipe

This is a fun & refreshing drink! And since it’s non alcoholic, it’s perfect for any age.
For this quick recipe Click Here!
The not-so-sweet truth: juicy berries can leave hard-to-remove stains on fabric. To treat, immediately sponge the spot with cool water. Later, stretch the stained cloth over a bowl or pot in the sink. Hold a kettle of boiling water at least 12 inches above the fabric and pour the water through the stain. The mark should disappear. If not, sponge it with rubbing alcohol before tossing the item in the machine to wash.

7. * Bonus Summer Mojito Drink Recipe*  Raspberry Mint Mojito refreshing summer beverage recipe

Raspberry Mint Mojito: Your go-to summer cocktail just got even better with the addition of sweet, antioxidant-rich raspberries. Whether you’re sipping your drink poolside, seaside or even couch-side, there’s something about that minty lime flavor that cools you off after a long day. For this Refreshing Summer Drink Recipe Click Here!
Did you catch our post detailing some amazing Summer Food recipes last week?
What are some of your favorite summer drink recipes? Feel free to share your favorite summer concoctions in the comments below!

7 Delightful Summer Recipes Plus Their Stain Removal Tips

summer food recipes, how to remove stains from clothes, Stain Removal TipsSummer is prime time for trying great new food and drink recipes. The days are longer, gatherings more numerous, and the need for refreshment is high! However, with the multiplication of summer activities and food and drink experimentation comes the dreaded flip side: dreaded stains! BBQ sauce on that white linen skirt? Strawberry daiquiri on that summery cotton blouse? The horror!    Here at The Cleaning Crew we’re all about those exciting new summer recipes – as well as helping you with Stain Removal Tips to keep things tidy, clean, and as stain free as possible!  
We’ve collected 7 amazing new takes on refreshing summer classics. Believe us, your taste buds are going to explode in the Hallelujah Chorus! Plus, we’ve included what to do if and when the unthinkable spill happens.
Two rules:
1) Enjoy! and
2) Don’t Panic!


Grilled shrimp, shrimp cocktail recipe, ketchup stain removal, how to remove stains from clothes, Stain Removal Tips
The most succulent Shrimp Cocktail on planet earth? Try this: grill first, then add this mouth-watering new take on the cocktail sauce. Add cayenne and chili powder for extra kick. Click Here!

Ketchup Stain Removal Tips

To remove these stains from clothes, rinse under cold running water. Treat with liquid detergent; let stand for a few minutes before rinsing. Blot with vinegar; repeat as needed. Launder as usual.




Mustard chicken recipe, mustard stain removal, how to remove stains from clothes, Stain Removal Tips
This Honey Dijon Pretzel Chicken recipe won’t yield a pretzel, but it’ll definitely yield a sweet and tangy pretzel chicken dish. Click Here!

Mustard Stain Removal Tips

To remove these stains from clothes, scrape off excess, then run under cold running water. Treat with liquid detergent; let stand for a few minutes before rinsing. Treat with a stain stick, then launder as usual.

3. MEXICAN STREET CORNMexican Street Corn , oil and butter stain removal, how to remove stains from clothes, Stain Removal Tips

via  Seeded At The Table

Hand over this Mexican Street Corn and no one gets hurt! This street-food-style corn  is grilled and slathered in a creamy sauce. Oh, and it is completely irresistible. Click Here!

Oil & Butter Stain Removal Tips

In order to remove these stains from clothes, sprinkle flour, talcum powder, cornstarch or artificial sweetener on both sides of the stain and let sit for 30 minutes. Shake off the powder and the stain should be faded or gone. Rub in some dish-washing soap and rinse under hot water; repeat as needed.

4. Coffee BBQ Saucebbq, bar-be-que recipe, stain removal, how to remove stains from clothes, Stain Removal Tips

Via Tasty Kitchen
Coffee and BBQ sauce, two of the world’s finest pleasures, join forces to make the tangiest slathering for anything that touches the grill. Click Here!

BBQ Stain Removal Tips

Place a layer of paper towels over the stain. Then, To remove these stains from clothes, working from the inside of the fabric, flush with cold water to transfer some of the barbecue sauce to the towel. Later, pre-treat with liquid laundry detergent to break up the stain. Let sit for several minutes, then rinse well. Sponge the stain with white vinegar and rinse again. Pre-treat again and wash.