Ready for a New Cleaning Routine? Try These 5 Suggestions.

I think we can all agree that when it comes to cleaning, we’re always looking for ways to make the process more efficient. Efficient means quicker AND easier! Try these where do you see yourself in 5 years essay example why sports are important essay cialis generic chepest po box delivery enter get link lehman brothers case study make essay outline enter site file sharing essay essays magazines levitra i dijabetes work experience coursework german alexander pope from an essay on man epistle 1 lexapro effect on weight corporation law essay example source clomid post steroid use click here natural foods that act as viagra source url college assignment help writing banking topics for essay source site times table homework sheets best resume writing services dc dissertation topics on records management see 5 New Cleaning Routine tips, tricks, and suggestions. They’ll help keep your home sparkling year-round and grant you a little more peace of mind in the process.

1.Cleaning routine Essentials

Cleaning routineTackle everyday messes with the best sponges, scrubbers, sprays, and more!

Here’s our take on the best cleaning essentials. The right tools make all the difference!

1. Best Glass Cleaner –> The Cleaning Crew’s DIY Recipe

2. Best All-Purpose Cleaner –> BioKleen All Purpose 

3. Best Scrubbing Pads –> Non-Scratch Scrubber Pads

4. Best Cream Cleanser –> Soft Scrub with Bleach

5. Best Cleaning Cloths –> Martex Washcloths  (Find them at Costco for a better deal.)

2. Morning Cleaning Routine

morning cleaning routine

Establish a simple yet effective morning cleaning routine. Try this one.

  1. Start the Washing Machine–> On your way to get the coffee brewing, start a load of laundry.
  2. Unload the dishwasher –> “Everything has its place” is such a reliable motto. Then start the process over by loading everything after breakfast.
  3. Make beds –> Everyone makes their own as soon as they get up.
  4. 5-minute pick up –> Do a quick pick up of what might have been missed from the night before and the last minute tornado of the morning.

3. Night Time Cleaning Routine

evening cleaning routine

Before you turn in for the night, spend a few extra minutes tidying up with these simple suggestions. Small efforts can have the biggest impact on your morning.

  1. Clean the kitchen –> Spend a quick 5 minutes clearing the counters and wiping them down. Load and run the dishwasher if it’s full. Make sure there are no dishes in the sink. Starting the morning with a clean kitchen will brighten your mood.
  2. Pack lunches and/or snack –> Mornings are busy enough. Take care of lunches and snacks the night before.
  3. Set the coffee maker –> When you’re groggy in the morning there’s nothing better than a freshly brewed, hot cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing)! Get it ready for minimal effort in the morning.
  4. Take care of one load of laundry –> Fold, sort and put away the clothes from the last wash load. Biggest takeaway: don’t let laundry snowball on you.
  5. Five-minute pick-up –> Just take a few minutes to throw away trash, take items back to their “home” and wipe down messy areas.

4. Cleaning Routine Add-ons

Cleaning routine add ons

In addition to your daily cleaning routine, practice the art of add-ons. For example, you can add dusting and/or vacuuming a room or two each day.

Once a week mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.

To take your cleaning to the next level choose one of the following to include once a week…

  • Cleaning the Microwave
  • Dusting the Molding and trim
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Inside Cabinet Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Moving and cleaning under the furniture

5. How To Reboot Your Cleaning Routine

Via Clean My Space

A great way to effectively use your time is to maintain a set cleaning routine. But maybe It’s time to re-tool how the cleaning gets done. Check out theses quick steps from Clean My Space on how to get motivated to clean –> Click here.

What about you? What does your cleaning routine look like? What routines are your kids responsible for?

DIY Gift Ideas Plus Ninja Gift Wrapping tips

DIY Gift Ideas Plus Ninja Gift Wrapping tips

With the Holidays mere days away, you may be finding yourself stumped for ideas, or needing some inspiration for wrapping ideas. We’ve got you covered. This week we offer up some bright DIY gift ideas plus brilliant ninja gift wrapping tips. You may want to share this with a friend. You’ll make their day! If you’re stuck on what to get, you can never go wrong with a personalized gift. You could Make Your Own Tapestry with a photo of you and your best friend or their beloved pet!

Turn an Old Book into a Gift Bag

DIY Gift Ideas Plus Ninja Gift Wrapping tipsVia Craft And Creativity

Gift Bag – Try Upcycling your wrapping this year with an affordable alternative to the standard wrapping paper. Use recycled paper, stamps, and a dash of creativity to create a gift bag they’ll remember. You could even include some custom face stickers to give it an extra personal touch, including some memories of the times you’ve had in the year gone past, or perhaps add a silly note with some funny faces and expressions. The options are limitless! —> Click Here.

Origami Pyramid Gift Boxes


Via Lines Across

Origami Gift – When you are giving someone a small gift like jewelry, this is a very fun alternative to a standard jewelry box. Make your own pyramid gift box instead. The tutorial is incredibly simple to understand at a glance. Cut the paper as shown, fold it, and tie it at the top to close it. The box is easily reusable too! –> Click Here.

Wrap with Fabric

DIY Gift Ideas Plus Ninja Gift Wrapping tips

Via Julep

Knotted Fabric Box – Okay, boxes can be hard to wrap, but can you tie a bow? That’s all you need to do to turn a swath of fabric into a smart-looking gift bundle. This is a no-sew design and it is incredibly easy to put together in just a few quick steps using the tutorial. It’s a fun, bright, and colorful way to use scraps of fabric to wrap your gifts. –> Click Here.

DIY Soap: The Gift of Clean


Via Soap Recipes101

Mocha Soap Recipe: This is a soap that looks good enough to eat! This soap contains a variety of rich oils including coconut, palm and grapeseed oils. The addition of cocoa butter and coffee creates a truly yummy scent. –> Click Here.

DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Gift Ideas Plus Ninja Gift Wrapping tips


Home Spa Gift – Whether you keep them for yourself or give them as a gift, these adorable little things are bound to make someone’s day a whole lot less stressful. Bath bombs are skyrocketing in popularity. Why? They’re pretty, fragrant, fizzy, and unique. These are made from scratch with nourishing coconut oil. Give the gift of relaxation –> Click Here.

DIY Beard Oil

DIY Gift Ideas Plus Ninja Gift Wrapping tipsVia The Crunchy Chronicles

Beard Oil is the perfect gift for the bearded man in your life. Sadly, there’s no Hallmark card for “I want to kiss you every day of my life, but your beard is giving me road rash.” Fortunately, there IS this. If you aren’t into making things, you might want to visit the Bossman Brands website ( to purchase an alternative to this oil which your bearded man will be sure to love. But, if you are feeling like a little bit of DIY is on the cards, then your man can still maintain a beard that’s wonderfully styled, great smelling, and soft to the touch. —-> Click Here.

Hot Cocoa Bar

DIY Gift Ideas Plus Ninja Gift Wrapping tips

Via Clean & Scentsible

If the holidays get stressful or the winter doldrums set in, here is one sure-fire way to combat the blues: hot cocoa! Here is everything you need to create a custom hot cocoa bar.–> Click Here.

Are you trying any new gift wrapping techniques this year? Have any new DIY gift ideas? Tell us your tips & tricks in the comments!

5 Tools to Remove Stress from the Holidays

flowers-983897_1920The key to a successful holiday is planning. Know what needs to get done, when it needs to be done, and how much manpower and time it’s going to take. Consider these 5 Tools to Remove Stress from the Holidays or visit to find a stress-relieving tool that might feel like a godsend at this time of year.

1. Allergy-Free Treats For Kids (Or Adults!)

Allergy -free treatsVia Taste of Home

No matter the course, crowd or allergy concerns, these allergy-free recipe ideas will help keep your sanity and make your guests feel welcome. —> CLICK HERE

2. 10 Chef-Approved Solutions to Common Holiday Fails

turkey-caraway-butterVia Real Simple

Real Simple addresses common problems for holiday meals: cold mashed potatoes, too sweet yams, dry turkey, and more in these 10 Chef approved solutions. —–> CLICK HERE

3. Delegate!

Hosting the big holiday meal doesn’t have to mean you have to do everything! Consider throwing a potluck. Not only does this spread the work around, but it also allows other people to share in the culinary glory. Take them up on their offer: “What can I do to help?” Ask your friends to bring something to share or help with set up or clean up. Best of all, other cooks can introduce you to their specialties, which might then become new traditions in your home.

4. Stress-Free Kitchen Cleaning

DSC_3279The kitchen is usually the hub of the home and with a few key quick cleaning fixes you can keep this room Stress-Free.

  • Clean range or stove top, surfaces, and grates.
  • Clean out the refrigerator before the big meal, making room for party foods.
  • Clean and shine kitchen sink.
  • Wipe down all large and small appliances.
  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets.
  • Create space in the kitchen for holiday entertaining by filling a box with kitchen items you won’t be using and moving it elsewhere. Now you have room for the holiday serving dishes, punch bowl, silver, and other items you’ll be using during the holidays.

5. Freshen Up Naturally

lavender-field-1410156Freshen your home with herbs like lavender and chamomile. Fill a spray bottle with 20 drops of lavender essential oil, 1 teaspoon vodka and water to create a linen spray. Lavender is known to reduce stress, promote calm and aide in relaxation. Mist bed linens, lamp shades, shower curtains and drapes. Grind up lavender and chamomile with baking soda in a food processor to sprinkle on rugs and carpets to remove odor. Just leave overnight and vacuum the next day.

*** Bonus Holiday Cleaning Tip: choose essential oils in holiday scents, like peppermint or pine, to spray sofas and drapes other living spaces.

And then finally, once it’s all over, take some well deserved time out in the evening, all to yourself, and take a nice long bath, read a book or perhaps even use something from this Cannabis dispensary in MA. It’s all about ensuring the Holidays are as least stressful as they can be!

Have A Great Stress-Free Holiday Tip? Share it in the comments below!

Want more holiday de-stressing tips?

9 More Ways to De-Stress This Holiday Season

tea-party-1326815Via Pop Sugar

Make sure you enjoy the holidays. Follow these additional 9 tips for removing stress from your holiday experience. —> CLICK HERE

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