What if I cancel my one time cleaning less than 48 hrs before the scheduled day and time?

One time cleaning services canceled within a 24-48 hour time-frame may be billed at a $50 cancellation fee. Upon-arrival cancellations and cancellations of within 24 hrs may be billed at the full cost of service.

Late payments may incur a $25 fee per 21 days past due.  In addition, accounts may go to collections after 45 days past due upon receipt of email invoice, unless other payment arrangements have been made. Please note: once a bill is past due, and is turned over to collections, we are unable to reverse this action. Please communicate with us if you are having difficulties getting your bill up to date,  we will work with our clients to set up payment arrangements.    

Here at The Cleaning Crew, we value both our clients and our cleaners.  We do not like charging our clients extra fees however, at times we find it necessary to make sure our cleaners are taken care of.  We do understand that life happens and we will try to work with you as much as we can.

We do understand that our clients get sick or natural disasters do sometimes occur and we will honor emergency situations allows.

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