My cleaner did a great job and I would like to show my appreciation. Can you tell me more about tipping?

A tip is always appreciated – and goes directly to your cleaner. A tip is a great way to show your cleaner that you are happy with his or her work. Tips are not “rolled into” our hourly rate, so if you would like to tip your cleaner, you may add the tip into your service total payment (and we will reimburse your cleaner) OR you may tip your cleaner directly. In the cleaning industry (unlike other service industries), it is more common to tip a flat rate as opposed to a percentage.

Here’s an example: a massage therapist or hairdresser is generally tipped between 15-20% of the service charge; whereas, a maid or mover is tipped a flat rate of $5 to $50+ per service. The range depends on the length and quality of work.

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