Is The Cleaning Crew, LLC a LOCALLY-OWNED company?

Absolutely! The Cleaning Crew, LLC is 100% locally owned and operated since 1988.

We’ve recognized during our 32-plus years of business that cleaning homes and offices is not only about providing great cleaning, it is also about providing our clients with a peace of mind and satisfaction as the highest priority.  We’re committed to providing a cleaning service which every single one of our clients can count on!

The Cleaning Crew, LLC  started rather humbly with our owner, Karen.  She took to house cleaning to support her daughters as a single mom. Soon she was connecting with other single moms, teaching them her detailed and highly effective house cleaning system…and The Cleaning Crew, LLC was born.   Karen decided 32 years ago that The Cleaning Crew, LLC would provide an elevated cleaning experience with clients’ peace of mind and satisfaction as the highest priority.

Today, The Cleaning Crew, LLC has more than 30 employees (and counting), and Karen’s ethic and passion for excellence shows up in everything we touch!



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