How will my cleaner get in if I will not be home?

Many of our clients are not home and are at work during the time which we provide service. There are several options regarding how we may enter the home. Please talk to our office about options and decide on a method for your cleaner to enter your home/office.

  • Leave a key for us in a specific location (and update our office on the location)
  • Attach a lock box to your door knob (and update our office on the combo)
  • Provide our office with the combination for your garage door
  • At the first time clean, provide us with a key.  We will make a copy of your key to have in the office, in case a replacement cleaner is needed to clean your home or office.  Your cleaner will also have a copy of your key.

Please note: If our cleaner needs to wait to enter the home/office, wait time is billed time at rate of service.   

Please be sure to update our office if there is a change of the location and/or code at least 24hrs (excluding weekends/holidays) prior to your next service date.

If your cleaner cannot enter the home/office upon arrival, a cancellation fee will be billed. (Please see below for our cancellation policy)   

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