How does The Cleaning Crew, LLC charge? It is by the hour or by the job?

  1.  We charge by the hour for one time cleans, first time cleans and call-in cleanings:    

When you book service with us over the phone, we will give you a quote “range” for the time that it will take to clean your home or office (for example, your service may be between 4-6hrs). Once our area manager and/or cleaners arrive at your home , they will let you know if it will take less time or if it will take longer to complete the cleaning for that day.  We only charge for the time it takes us to complete your cleaning, so if takes less time to clean, then we will only charge for the cleaning time which it took to clean your home or business.   We will always let you know if we will need additional time to complete the cleaning for that day and get your authorization for additional cleaning, if needed.  

Please note: our phone quotes are 98% accurate; however, there are cases – usually when the actual condition of the home/location doesn’t match what was indicated when requesting the quote and/or when more services are requested once we arrive at your home.

We also offer complimentary in home cleaning estimates, if you prefer. Please call the office: 541 601-6236  and we will be happy to set up a time for our area manager to come to your home and give you pricing for your cleaning needs.    

  1.  We charge a set bid price for regular maintenance cleanings:

If you’re signed up for set schedule services, after the end of your third set schedule service, we will “lock in” your service length so you will know your service cost going forward.  

Our Primary Service Area is Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Jacksonville, Central Point and Grants Pass and we have a 4 hour minimum (for initial cleaning) and 2.5 hour minimum (for regular maintenance cleaning with one cleaner) and a 5 hour minimum (for regular maintenance cleaning with two cleaners)  to service these areas.  

If you are located within our Extended Service Area, which is Gold Hill, Rogue River, White City, Eagle Point, Rush, Williams, Murphy, and Merlin a $7.50 – $35 per-Cleaner drive fee will be added to your bill and a 4 hour minimum is also applied to these areas.  

We do service outside of our extender service area and commute fees will be applied depending to the length of the drive time and gas expense.    

If our cleaner needs to wait to enter the home/office, wait time is charged time (please see above for instructions on how we can enter).

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