At the time of booking, I was quoted that my service quote “range” would take 4-5hrs. But now that my cleaner has arrived, I would like to limit my service to 3 or 3.5hrs. Is that okay?

Yes….  Please call the office at 541 601-6236 and we will make the changes to your schedule cleaning and reduce the bid price.    

Keep in mind the cleaner may not be able to clean the whole house if the time is limited on the first 3 cleaning.  UNLESS the home is:

  1.  Well maintained
  2.  Smaller than originally noted and we over quoted you. 

In this case, you will only be charged for the actual time needed to complete your original service call.

Since we do still need to pay our cleaners for the minimum time quoted, we do ask that you do not request to reduce your quote/service on arrival.  Instead, it is best to let your cleaner clean your home or office and then we will only bill you for the time it took to clean.   

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