Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching. You probably have one of two opinions on the holiday: You either think it is a great opportunity to show some love to your significant other, or you believe it is a commercial ploy to capitalize on romance.

Either way, it’s probable that you will want to express your love in some way or another to those that are closest and most important to you. Finding something to show your gratitude and love for your partner doesn’t have to be difficult; for example, this Benutzerdefinierte Foto Mood Lampe (custom photo mood lamp) is a sweet way to express your appreciation for your significant other. We’ve gathered some quick and easy ideas that don’t cost much but are worth more than you will ever realize.

Cook Dinner

As simple as this may seem, your significant other will appreciate the thought. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach. Even if you aren’t the best cook, you could pick up dinner or order take-out. Bonus points for a delicious dessert!

This is particularly meaningful if dinner is normally your significant other’s responsibility. Make sure not to leave a dirty kitchen behind–doing the dishes as a follow up is a must for this to be a success.

Write a Love Letter

If you start with a meaningful greeting card, make sure to finish up with some special words of your own. You could even skip the card and write your own love note on stationary. You could mail it to their work place, slip it in their lunch, or hand deliver it with a warm embrace. No matter how it arrives, it is sure to be a keepsake!

Let Them Choose

While many people think of a date night as a Valentine’s gift, your significant other may want to choose what to do with their time. Give them several choices on how to spend the day and let them decide. Give an option where you spend time together and an option where they get to spend some time alone. Maybe they would prefer a trip to the spa instead of a night out on the town. You’ll never know until you give them the option.

Another fun idea is to create a date idea box for more long-term use. Write down fun ideas of things you can do together or special treats for them on their own. Then, have your significant other draw from the box on special (or not-so-special) occasions.

Clean the House

Coming home to a freshly cleaned house is an incredibly pleasant surprise if someone is used to having to taking care of that chore themselves. You could spend the day and put in the hard work cleaning it yourself, but it will make just as much of an impact (and be a lot easier) if you let us do it for you. We can surprise your significant other, or you could wrap up a gift certificate and allow them to specialize their cleaning.


We’d love to help make your Valentine’s Day a meaningful one. Contact us today at 541-601-6236 to schedule your cleaning or purchase your gift certificate.

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