Summer Party Clean Up Tips

summer party clean up tips

We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling. You know the one, where all the good vibes from throwing that epic summer party begin to disintegrate into the realization that you’re going to have to start cleaning up.

Been there, right?

That moment is the very definition of “dread,” unless, of course you’re in the minority that absolutely loves cleaning. To you we say, “Rock on, you lovers of cleaning, Rock on!”

To the rest who have a distaste for cleaning ranging somewhere on the scale from slight frustration (“I really, really don’t like cleaning up other people’s messes”) to white-hot boiling rage (“I think I may just hurt someone here!”), we understand, and we love each and everyone one of you – and don’t want you to go to jail after throwing that epic summer party.

That would suck.

So, here at The Cleaning Crew, we’ve got your back! Follow these Summer Party Clean Up Tips to take that not so awesome task of party clean up and make it feel just a little more like a party and a lot less like a wake.

Summer Party Clean Up Tips

Summer Party Clean Up Tips

The Basics:

1. Start Your Party with a Clean Slate

“Hey, you guys! The bathroom’s over there…the trash cans are right here…and the drinks, well, you already know where the drinks are!”

Summer Party Clean Up Tips


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    These tips are awesome and timeless! You are so great at breaking things down into double steps and actually make it sound like fun!

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    Really great tips! I throw a lot of hot tub parties during summer and if there’s one tip I’d like to give other hot tub owners it’s stock up on dark towels! whenever i throw a party now i put a basket of fresh towels next to the hot tub and then just toss them in the wash as soon as my guests have left. i put them back into the basket with a drawer freshener and they’re ready to go next party!

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