Houseplants Clean The Air!


When spending lots of time indoors, it is very important to have plants around as they provide lots of oxygen and are a natural way to clean and removing toxins from our homes. NASA conducted a study on houseplants as a way to purify the air in space facilities. It was found that plants filter out the common volatile organic compounds and  clean our indoor air. Houseplants are like a continual maid service that keeps our house clean. Plants also keep a balanced energy level and pleasant environment. Besides having the great attribute of purifying air, plants are also a great decorative element


Dracaena: While this slow-growing shrub can get quite tall (up to 15 feet), it’s relatively compact and will make the most out of whatever floor space you can offer it. This plant will take care of gases released by xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde, which can be introduced by lacquers, varnishes, and sealers.


Golden Pothos: Like many other vines, it tackles formaldehyde, but golden pothos also targets carbon monoxide and benzene. Consider placing one in your mudroom or entryway, where car exhaust fumes heavy in formaldehyde are most likely to sneak indoors from the garage.


Clivia Miniata: original from southern Africa, it is also known as the Lily plant. The flowers on this indoor plant are very colorful and have a nice, sweet fragrance. It is not a pretentious plant and doesn’t need any special attention.


The Peace Lily: This beautiful plant is often placed in bathrooms and laundry rooms as it is known for absorbing mold spores. Besides this, it is also safe for pets. The peace Lily, as its name calls it, is a very peaceful and friendly plant that makes any room feel amazingly fresh!


The Snake Plant: It is called this because of its unusual snake-shape. The leaves are long and sharp, with a light shadow of yellowish green on the edges. The snake plant is known for its capacity of absorbing nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde. This makes it the best plant for filtrating out chemicals, common in cosmetics or room fresheners.


Getting a few houseplants to help improve the air quality and clean your home is a great first step in making your house a healthier place to live.

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