Help Wanted: History of the Housekeeper

To some, hiring a regular housekeeper might seem like a frivolity. However, the housekeeper has been around for centuries.

Originally, a housekeeper was known as a maiden, or maid. This was due to the fact that they lived in the home of their employer and rarely ever got married. During the Victorian Era, more well-to-do families had entire staffs of housekeepers, cooks, butlers, and drivers. The housekeeper was typically at the top of the housekeeping staff hierarchy. She was in charge of the Lady’s Maid, parlor maids, laundry maids, etc.

All throughout history up until the 19th century, having housekeepers and maids was a common practice for most middle or upper class citizens. According to History Matters, women left house cleaning jobs during World War I when they were needed in factories and other war-time occupations. Since then, domestic help has been on a decline until recently.

Currently, getting a Maid Service Marietta GA and/or having regular housekeepers is making a comeback due to the rise of women who have joined the work force to create a professional career. Our lives are all so busy now that it is increasingly difficult to find time to keep up with household chores.

Thus, the housekeeping revolution! According to, the hiring out of household chores to professional cleaning services has increased in the past several years. We’re living proof.

The Cleaning Crew, LLC., has been providing quality housekeeping services (and more) for almost 30 years. We send out our hard-working, professional cleaners to your homes so that you have time to focus on the things that are important to you.


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