Get To Know The Crew: Bethany

The Cleaning Crew, LLC, is made up of a diverse group of individuals. While most of them are centrally located in Oregon, there are a few remote employees who work from all over the United States. Bethany is one of them.

Bethany is our blog writer and social media manager. Born and raised in Texas, Bethany grew up loving to travel and learn. Her favorite color is purple and she loves Tex-Mex. She is fluent in Spanish and can type over 100 words per minute with 99% accuracy. On her bucket list is to do something amazing in all 50 states and get her doctoral degree. One of her favorite things to do is perform in musical theater productions.

Bethany is married to Colby and they have three children. They live outside of town on a few acres with their dogs Abby and Sophie and cats Lilly and Felix.

By day, Bethany is a public school educator in Texas. On the side, she has been operating a freelance writing business for the past three years. She began working for The Cleaning Crew, LLC in 2016 when she was introduced to Karen by a mutual acquaintance and has been a part of The Crew ever since.

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