Get Back To School Ready With These 6 Expert Tips!

The cooling temperatures are an indication of not just a change in the weather and seasons. It means: BACK TO SCHOOL! Whatever feelings this may elicit from you, your kids, or grandkids, GETTING and STAYING ORGANIZED will help your family with the transition as well as maintain solid momentum throughout the school year. So put on your organizational boots and let’s get this party started.
Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
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Use these print-and-go checklists for your back-to-school shopping, broken down by grade, from kindergarten to college.
For The Best Back to School Supplies List: CLICK HERE.
Coming and Going
entry cubbyHang backpacks on hooks as well as coats. A shelf on the wall is good for lunchboxes, water bottles, etc. Or if you have room use baskets or a bin.
If you take off our shoes when we enter the house, try a wooden cubby system where each family member gets a couple of cubbies for their shoes.

Organize Your Morning
– To streamline morning routines, have outfits pre-chosen and ready to go will keep the morning running smoothly and help you to get out the door on time.
Try using a Closet Organizer or shelf with five compartments. Label each area with the days of the week Monday thru Friday. When filling the shelves, remember to add socks, underwear and any accessories.
Homework Area

548a3837d18a4_-_back-to-school-organized-0911-1-mscConsider these quick tips on how to set up a homework area at home.

  • Put a desk or table in the homework area. Sounds obvious, but many kids like to sprawl across their beds to work on assignments. A desk or table that’s the right height for writing is important — your child is less likely to doze off or get distracted if he’s sitting at a desk. If you haven’t got a desk yet, you should really keep an eye out for well made office furniture.
  • Make the space pleasant. If the homework space lends itself to decoration, let your child fix it up with artwork or posters. Pick out colorful pencil holders and other supplies. Homework shouldn’t feel like a chore at this stage, so let your child have fun with his space.
  • homework4Keep school supplies on hand. Pencils, pens, erasers, paper, an assignment book or calendar, and a dictionary are must-haves. Other suggestions: index cards, glue, scissors, a thesaurus, a calculator, paper clips, a stapler. Once your child sits down to work, he shouldn’t have to hunt for basic supplies. Looking for something a bit different? WRITEY whiteboard paint will transform any wall into a whiteboard wall. Writing down all those important facts and ‘to-do’ lists will ensure your child stays on task.
Easy School Lunches

Organize_Kids-LunchBuy a bento Box. Whether it’s a fancy Planet Box, an EasyLunchbox or a regular little Ziplock four-compartment box (available at every grocery store), this sets you up for easy packing. Just put something in each compartment. The variety will give your child more chances to find something he or she likes.

Fill every section with something different. Try to vary the colors and textures if you can. Here’s what you want to include:

Protein: Don’t limit yourself to sandwiches. Think hardboiled eggs, cottage cheese, cheese & crackers, trail mix, edamame, hummus with pita bread, turkey and cheese roll-ups…
Veggies: Sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (technically fruit but who’s counting), small bell peppers with seeds removed…
Fruit: Grapes, strawberries, blueberries, fresh pineapple wedges, melon, banana chips, prunes, dried apricots…
Grains: Mini pretzels, homemade muffins, whole-wheat crackers, mini bagels with jam..

** Rotate each day. Use the same ingredients in different ways a couple times in the week. There’s less waste and more variety. For example: Use salami in a mini bagel sandwich on Monday, on a rollie-pollie on Wednesday and a sandwich on a stick for Friday. Do hardboiled eggs on Tuesday and egg salad on Thursday.

Have a lunch tip to share? Leave it in the comment section below!

snack container

Refrigerator Lunch Station

For an easy do it your self morning, have a container of pre-made options to choose from. Kids can quickly grab the items to throw in their lunches when they prepare them themselves in the morning or evening before.

For Lunch More inspiration check out these 20+ School Lunch Ideas the Kids Will Love!

How to Clean a Backpack & Lunchbag!

Via Clean My Space

Backpacks or lunch bags super duper sticky? Here are some easy cleaning tips for lunch bags and backpacks, quickly making them as good as new! CLICK HERE!

House work rewards!

Via Clean Mama
Create the perfect chore reward system for your kids!
Here is a simpmle way to motivate children to take on chores without any bargaining, whining, or complaining.
A chore reward system is a great way to motivate children to complete their chores on their own. Once your children associate completing household tasks with points that they can redeem for a delicious treat or a book of stickers, they’ll jump at the chance to help out around the house. CLICK HERE! for a Simple Chore Chart and Reward System Your Kids Will Love. + Free Printables

DIY Cleaning Kit For Kids!

kaleyann_cleaningkit_02 How to encourage kids to help with the cleaning.

I don’t know about you, but fun new products always motivate me to do some serious cleaning. Why not get some fun, kid-friendly cleaning products for your little ones?

So how do you build your cleaning kit?

  1. Start with a bright little bucket or something with a handle.
  2. To your bucket, add some cleaning cloths ( like old baby washcloths).
  3. Add a spray bottle filled with plain water.
  4. A toothbrush, for the deep cleaning.
  5. And finally, add a colorful apron, because we all like to look good while we clean, right?

Let’s Clean Up!
The best way to inspire kids is to work with their natural, intrinsic drive to be productive, creative, contributors to the household. Kids will feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves.

What back-to-school tips have worked for you? Leave a few tips for others in the comment section below.

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