5 Easy Ways to Make Your Entryway Fall Friendly

As summer draws to a close, it’s a great idea to change things up around the house with the seasons. You can start off with a seasonal deep cleaning by one of our cleaning specialists. Then, make a few changes in decor. One place that is easy to redecorate but can make a huge impact is your entryway. The curb appeal of a well kept front stoop and the warmth of a clean, welcoming entryway will be sure to wow your guests upon arrival. Before redecorating you are going to want to make sure you have a clean canvas to work with. This means cleaning away the build-up of cobwebs, leaves, and debris from the entryway. You could either do this manually or with the help of machinery like a leaf blower. I would suggest investing in a blower as it is more convenient to use and you will need one year around. You can find more information on quality leaf blowers here: https://thebestleafblowers.com/best-gas-leaf-blower/. Once your entryway is clean and ready to be worked on, then you can start to consider the following factors as you move on to redecorating:


What helps you identify with a season more than color? A neutral paint color in your entry way allows the area to easily transition from season to season. You can paint your own entry if you want, or you can consider getting a house painter in Portland, or someone more local to you, to paint it. Once you have your neutral color, you shouldn’t need to paint it again, especially if a professional paints it for you. The paint should be done to a high quality, with few mistakes, so you shouldn’t have to make many adjustments for a while! You can then use seasonal décor to bring in the warmer fall color pallet. Plants, candles, art work, or a wreath are excellent ways to add pops of color. You can find some great unexpected fall color palettes here.

Just be careful not to decorate with too many knick-knacks. It makes it difficult to dust properly, and makes your house seem cluttered rather than clean.



Many plants are seasonal, so they are a great way to bring in a natural element to your décor. Here is a fun idea to transition your summer plants into a fabulous fall planter. Whether inside or outside, plants can help to naturally clean the air.

Mums are great fall plants that are also at the top of the list of natural air purifiers. Add some to your porch to add some color to the curbside view. Make sure to sweep your walkway several times a week to keep the falling leaves from dirtying your walkway.



Whether you’ve got a rocking chair on the porch or a bench in the foyer, your seating solutions can easily transition from summer to fall by choosing accent pillows, throws, or seat cushions that feature warmer colors and fabrics with seasonal patterns. Solution dyed acrylics withstand harsh outdoor conditions and don’t stain easily, but are soft enough to use indoors as well.



Entry way storage will change with the weather. As the leaves change, we will all break out our coats and jackets. These bulky articles of clothing can easily crowd and clutter your entryway.


If you don’t have an entry closet, a traditional coat rack accompanied by an umbrella stand and shoe tray can add a storage solution with vintage flair. If you are going for a more modern look, a “drop zone” is a trendy storage solution. This Downright Simple blog entry explains how you can turn even the smallest of areas into a stylish storage solution.


As time changes it will begin to get darker earlier. Lighting will be important both indoors and out. Inside, opt for a lower light from lamps. This will provide your guests with a sense of comfort and warmth as the weather begins to cool. When it comes to adding lighting outside, checking out sites like www.steellightingco.com could help make the decision of what light may be best to add to the porch.

Ultimately though, if you are considering upgrading the lighting inside or outside of your property then it might be beneficial to contact an electrician. Put simply, an electrician can help you to determine the best possible lighting arrangement to ensure that your home is lit in a way that suits your style. Correspondingly, for more information about the advantages of working with an electrician on your lighting set up, head to: electricworkforceinc-il.biz/service-areas/river-forest/.


Furthermore, make sure that the outdoor area has sufficient lighting along any pathways. Better Homes & Gardens recommends motion sensitive lights for security and to cut down on electricity use.

Finishing Touches

We’d love to help you get started with your entryway revamp. Call us at 541-601-6236 to schedule a seasonal deep cleaning. We’d love to help your redesign shine!


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